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Allow your business leaders to flex teams on demand and enable cybersecurity talent agility in your organisation. By using Padlock, your company will gain instance access to our network of vetted experts and freelance consultants, including the world’s best cybersecurity talent in strategy, penetration testing, security risk and consulting, compliance management, incident response, training and vulnerability research

Incident Response Specialist

Strong technical background, with specialist expertise in incident response and digital forensics

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Threat Researcher

Strong research and analysis skills, technical knowledge, and the ability to maintain continued awareness of threats

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Security Analyst

Robust monitor of computer systems and networks for security violations. Investigating security breaches and preparing reports about any damage or continued threats

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Threat Analyst

All-source analysis, digital forensics, and targeting to identify, monitor, assess, and counter the threat posed by cyber actors

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GDPR Compliance Specialist

Maintenance, development and support of organisations’ privacy (GDPR and PECR) compliance and understanding

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Cyber Security Consultant

Playing both the attacker and the defender in computer systems, networks, and software programs

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Penetration Tester

Ethical hacker executing authorized simulated cyberattacks on computer systems, performed to evaluate the security of the system.

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About Us

Padlock is a future of work start-up connecting top-level cyber consultants to businesses.

To future proof against a rapidly changing threat environment, the Padlock platform is powered through continuous cyber skills development and the aggregated cyber intelligence of our consultants. Padlock has been supported by cybersecurity accelerators HutZero, Cyber 101 and Cyber Runway Growth as well as the Allia Future 20 incubator.

Padlock is the solution for a market environment where every company could be working with a vastly distributed talent pool, from anywhere in the world.


Padlock provides the highest quality of freelance expertise for any company size and cybersecurity requirement

Painless communication

We make sure all of our elite freelancers connect, contact and contribute their expertise whilst proactively communicating, to effectively get your job done

Top 5% cyber talent

Our consultants are vetted by industry experts as amongst the top 5% of freelance cybersecurity talent.

Hit the ground running

Our experts have a proven track record with elite industry experience ensuring they can ramp up quickly and hit the ground running.


Padlock is the European winner of the $1.6m MIT Inclusive Innovation #FutureofWork Challenge, a Vodafone Techstarter finalist and was named amongst the 14 Most Innovative UK Cybersecurity SMEs by the UK Government.

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